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About The Hoffmann Group

Our Philosophy

CornerThe Hoffmann Group has provided a wide range of personalized architectural services since 1984. Along with new construction and renovation, we do interior design and master planning. We also provide less glamorous but needed services such as roof system consulting, masonry repair evaluation, and security systems design. As generalists, we cover all aspects of the project, coordinating the work of engineers, consultants, and contractors.

Since we are a small firm, The Hoffmann Group is not divided into slick designers and technical wizards. Each architect in our firm must play both roles carrying the project from beginning to end. When we design your project we do so with the execution of that design in mind. We believe that this leads to better architecture than that produced by firms that departmentalize their functions.

Another advantage of our small size is that every member of the firm, including the principal, can be personally involved with your project. Each one of us studies your needs and goals, then together we develop solutions. This creative mix of minds results in architecture that is unique and fitted to the client.

The Hoffmann Group’s approach to architecture has given us a repeat business rate of 75-80 percent. We enjoy being an ongoing part of our client’s business. It creates a comfortable working relationship and an atmosphere in which, together, we can achieve the best possible work.

The Architectural Process

BlueprintsHere’s a brief description of our approach to the various stages in the architectural process.

Programming. Before we can solve a problem, we must define it. Sometimes a client knows exactly what is needed. At other times, a client may want a change or addition in their space or building, but lack a clear idea of what should be done. Programming is the process of finding out exactly what you need; how much space and light, which facilities you want to be close to or isolated from, the sort of view that is desired, whether or not you expect to expand, rearrange, or move in the future, and the image you wish to project. We also must look at constraints – factors that limit what we can do – such as the limitations of the site, zoning and building codes, availability of utilities, deadlines, and budgetary restrictions.

Missouri School for the BlindThe Design Phase. Once we have defined the nature and scope of the problem, we can begin working on solutions. First, we make fairly broad-brush designs, un-detailed layouts that give you a general outline of how the space might be arranged. Once you approve these, we begin to add detail. As the design becomes more and more developed, we keep checking back with the program to make sure that we are addressing all facets of the problem and respecting the constraints. Sometimes, we need to narrow the scope of the project or eliminate some constraints. We may not be able to fit a certain number of people into a limited space, for example, or we may have to scale down plans to fit into a limited budget. Balancing desires with capacity is the biggest part of our job.

You can be assured that throughout this process we keep in close touch with you and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Contract Documents. After the final design has been completed, we need to explain to contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, and building officials, as well as to the client, the nature of the work required to construct the project. The drawings and specifications that do this are called the contract documents.

We continue to work closely with our consultants during the design phase to make sure that they are working toward the same goal. This reduces costly and time consuming change orders during construction.

At The Hoffmann Group, we pride ourselves on producing comprehensive contract documents that spell out in detail what is to be done. We respect the expertise of the contractor, but at the same time we endeavor to leave nothing to his or her imagination. We never trust the success of the project on standard industry practices.

State RdAwarding the Contract. Once we know the quantity and quality of work to be done, we are in a position to help you select a contractor. Then you may wish to negotiate with a single contractor, or we may help draw up a list of invited bidders. While the candidates for the contract are studying the documents and preparing their bid, we answer their questions, clarify requirements, and consider any alternatives that they may propose.

Working with the Contractor.  Our job does not end once construction begins. We are your representative and continually make checks on the building to see that it’s being built the way it was designed. We report to you on progress, advise on decisions, and review submittals. If changes are made in the execution of the design, we update the drawings so you have a record set of the “as built” conditions.

It is in the best interest that all of the people in the project work well together. The Hoffmann Group is the owner’s agent, but we also value the good working relationships that we have with a variety of contractors. If problems arise, we usually are able to resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.

Post-Construction Services. Finally, if you wish, we can provide several services after construction is completed. We will deliver final drawings so that you have a record of the finished structure. We also offer a post-occupancy evaluation of the project to see how well the design works, in the event you wish to make any changes in years ahead.

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