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Monroe Elementary
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St. Louis, MO

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Carpet Outlet
Manchester, MO

Architecture: The Integration of Art and Science

At The Hoffmann Group, we understand that there’s much more to architecture than designing buildings and overseeing their construction. Buildings are not an end in themselves; they serve the people who use them.

Our main challenge is in working with people. We must get to know you, the client, and interpret your needs and desires in order to give you the kind of buildings and spaces that you need. We must listen to your ideas and build upon your suggestions to create safe, functional, and attractive spaces.

Creating a building or any new structure requires imagination, attention to detail, and careful communication with the client and the contractor. The Hoffmann Group works closely with you and all specialists throughout the course of the project. We leave nothing to chance.

We strive to keep new and fresh approaches to architecture available to clients who appreciate good design and value the importance of architecture. Throughout the entire process we welcome comments and suggestions relating to any or all of the documents and design. We believe that the more knowledgeable the client, the more appreciated our work becomes.

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16224 Westwoods Business Park Dr.
Ellisville, MO 63021-4504

Telephone:  636-527-9000
Fax:  636-527-4114